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30 yr. old aluminum 9'
patio door
Remove old door, and
prepare opening for new
We'll pick up your item
from your store of purchase
Installing the new door,
takes a lot of skill with
minute details
You choose to paint the
new trim or have it capped
We'll clean up our work
area too!
House-Crafters, on the move
9' Patio Door, operating center with 2 side-lite flankers
Remove a window and open wall to create patio door
Remove window and
replace with patio door
Remove the required courses
of brick
Remove  interior wall & build
temporary wall to hold the
weight of roof
Install new patio door
Tooth the opening to prepare
fro matching brick install
Re-mortar opening, and  wait 3
days to acid wash
An empty black

An inviting Martini
Bar booth with a
6' high back
Rotted wood on garage
door, carpenter ants.
Close up of ant trails
Extensive damage
Remove damaged header
and replace
Replace primed/stained  
fir siding on exterior
We'll clean up our work
area too!
Making exterior entrance
interior entry hall
Remove old door, and
prepare opening for new
Frame in new entry
Protect circular transom, to
prepare for bricking
Opening bricked and new
door and sidelight installed
Project completed in  5
days, to include electric
A standard vinyl

A gorgeous vinyl
Bay window with
pine interior.
Just a tiled bath
and shower

Added etched &
gold glass shower