When gathering estimates for work on your home, do you usually take the lowest bidder?

Do you know that when you have an installer come from a major (big box) branded store that sells
installations, they do not actually employ installers? That's right, major branded stores sub-contract out their
installations to the company that gave the lowest bid to the store as a whole, that's too bad for you, because
that means you are paying a major store to find an installer for you, and what you pay is not what they get
paid (they generally make less)- GUESS WHAT? YOU FOUND US YOURSELF AND EVERY PENNY YOU

At House-Crafters, our carpenters are our contractors, fully skilled with over 30 years experience!
Not individuals trained to install just doors, carpenters fully trained and ready to complete the installation
you need.
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Basic Installations

Q. Do you sell doors & windows?
A. Yes, we do offer sales & service for those that need it and we  are an authorized installer and distributer
Simonton Windows and Patio Doors,

Q. Do I have to buy a door or window from you?
A. Absolutely not,  we are and have been installers of all doors and windows for over 15 years. WE INSTALL

Q. Are your installers carpenters?
A. Yes, our carpenters are skilled professionals, trained in all aspects of carpentry. Did you know an
installer is not necessarily a carpenter, and a carpenter does not necessarily install doors & windows?

Q. What is an estimate?
A. An estimate can be 2 different things;
1. A Phone estimate can give you information on basic installation prices.
2. We also offer to come to your home and measure your opening for exact fit, or to let you know if
additional things will have to be done to install your door.

Q. What is a basic installation?
A. Basic installation is the start point of installation of your chosen item, it includes removing the old item,
shimming, squaring and sealing up to 1/4 of an inch on either side, then a number of things could effect the
total cost, we call them additionals-see additionals next........

Q. What additional things?
A. Again, additionals can mean 2 things;
1. Although doors are referenced in sizes-such as 32, 34 or 36 inch, the door may in fact be a bit            
smaller than that number. This leaves you with a choice to buy an exact fit (custom/Special Order) or
to use the door of your choice and perhaps have a build in done to accommodate the door. In some  
cases a special order or custom door may not be available at an affordable cost, in This case you
may choose to have the build in or downs or other additional costs to curb the end price of the door.
2. Other things to take into consideration for additionals are , rotted wood, new trim, a special wood     
such as oak or other hard or higher priced woods, cutting back tile or flooring.

Q. Are estimates free?
A. Yes and No.

Q. Is the estimate price firm?
A. Yes & No, we do guarantee the price for the door opening as quoted, however, some times additional
items will be added in order to complete the installation. Such as pick ups, disposal of items, rotted wood
not seen beneath the opening or in some cases, rarely, but in some cases the squareness of an opening
can not be determined until removal and if the work takes an additional amount of time the carpenter will
inform you.

Q. Can I do some of the work myself and save money?
A. No, our insurance will not cover any incident that does not stem from our carpenters besides that fact the
carpenter must be sure of what has been done to the opening and if codes were followed.

Q. What do I do with the estimate?
A. Take your estimate measurement to your favorite store and give them the measure sheet we have given
you. Order your item and then call us immediately to schedule the installation.

Q. How long does an installation take?
A. It depends on what you are having installed, it can take as little as an hour for a storm door and up to 4
hours depending on work needed in that opening.

Q. Do I have to buy your windows or doors from your company?
A. No, but we do offer and upper end product called Simonton Windows and Patio Doors.

Q. Can you install an item that I don't buy from you?
A. Yes, that is exactly what we do. We install what you buy.

Q. Do you install other things than listed on your site price list.
A. In short yes, however, doors and windows are our main concerns, in a time when perhaps it is not so
busy the carpenters will do such items as closet shelving, shower doors, stairs & railings and other
carpentry jobs.

Q. Are you insured?
A. Yes, and if you need a certificate for your association we will happily provide one.

Q. Are you licensed?
A. Our business is licensed in Roselle, Illinois as a contracting business. In most cases, you do not need
individual licensing to replace a door or window in an existing opening, if a city bond or permit is required,
that will be charged back to the customer.

Q. My town requires a permit to do installations-Will you provide a permit to do the work in my town?
A. Yes and  No, we will complete the paperwork for you if you would like, there is a charge for the permit and
completion of the paperwork and all other costs incurred would be your responsibility.

Q. My Town requires a licensed individual to do the work, what if you are not licensed in my city?
A. Not licensed is a misnomer, just because a business is not licensed in your city does not mean they are
unlicensed. It means your city has not gotten their fees paid from that business, one city said to me-What I
tell village residents is this, "If a company wants a job bad enough to pay licensing in the city, they must be
reputable." HUH! , it just means they paid the city-the city does no follow up-just fee collecting. So yes, we
can license in your city however, you will be billed the fee. At some points during the year we have 6-8
licenses. We always hold a valid license in Roselle and we are registered  and licensed with the state as a
corporation, able to do business in Illinois.

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