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Home Inspection Warranty- A home inspection is basically a snap shot of your property on a specific
day and time.
An Inspector can not warranty the useful life or production of any equipment, structures or
appliances or components.
An inspector may suggest replacement needs or future replacement
needs. An inspection is to determine the safety of a home for your family.

Installation Warranty- Our installation labors are warranted for one year from the date of installation. If
anything goes wrong with the installation of your door or window we will at no charge complete the
repair. A service charge at the minimum of $75.00 will be charged for a visit if there is no installation
issue determinable. Please note all doors have a minimum of basic maintenance needed for upkeep,
such as adjustments made to storm doors for spring or winter usage. For product issues, contact the
manufacturer according to your supplied booklet.
Warranty Information
Contact Information
Mail to;       809 Overland Trail
Roselle, Ill. 60172
Phone           630.671.1071
Fax                630.671.0129
Email to;       house-crafters.com
To help our customers live safely by Identification, Evaluation and Education through
knowledge, contract services, home inspections and thorough discussions.
We have offices for our personnel located in Roselle, Illinois.
Since our Installations and Inspections are completed on your chosen site, we do not have
an office you can visit. But, we would love to visit you.

House-Crafters, a division of Barthfield Incorporated. Our company has thrived and grown through
hard work and dedication to our clients,  Incorporated in 2006, we have been in business since
1994.  Our carpenter has been building homes for over 30 years and is meticulous in regards to the
work completed by his staff. In 1994 we opened in the Roselle, Illinois area and decided to direct our
attentions to carpentry installations, during 2001 expansion discussions, we began the process of
adding Home Inspections. In 2003 we rolled out Home Inspections. We have a small hand picked
staff that will accommodate your needs whatever they are. We believe in serving clients through a
hometown type of atmosphere, all of our staff participates in all phases of the business. So, sit back
and relax, you are about to "Experience Quality"
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